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A global perspective on the life cycle of the medical device: “From idea to commercialization”.

TeAch4Health - trainning offers 

The network's educational program involves more than 80 multidisciplinary experts from universities, industry, clinicians, health authorities, and patient representatives. TECH4HEALTH offers a variety of training programs to meet the needs of manufacturers, health authorities (ON, CPP, etc.), university hospitals, academic research laboratories, and health or engineering students.

=This program consists of a set of proposals:

  • Events and conferences

  • University diplomas

  • ClinMed Summer School funded by EIT Health

  • MOOC and e-Learning in Technologies for Health.

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University diplomas

The development of a new health technology: Why, When and How to carry out clinical studies?

7 teaching sessions on a monthly basis (3 face-to-face and 4 videoconference sessions) to acquire the basics of understanding the methods of clinical evaluation of health technologies during their life cycle in accordance with the expectations of European Regulations on Medical Devices and DMDIV.

Brochure 2022-2023


Contribution of network members to numerous events on health innovations: Annual Innovation and Hacking Health Days (Besançon), Poc Day (Grenoble), Start-up Weekend (Tours), Start-up Days of Snitem, ...

Summer school - CLINMED

Integrating clinical knowledge in the development of new medical devices from the idea to post-market follow-up


ClinMed 2018 (Villard de Lans, France) & ClinMed 2019 (Autrans, France) :


A 3-day immersive experience in a hospital or a living lab followed by 1 week of workshops/coaching/courses to develop innovative projects ready to be submitted for funding.

Presentation paper 


BIOSTEC congress: CLINMED special session

An annual international session happening  since 5 years now, dedicated to the issues and challenges around health innovation, technology developments, regulations on Medical Devices, ...



Clinical evaluation of the medical device in its initial stages

A three-hour webinar was offered to the various Interregional Groups for Clinical Research and Innovations (GIRCI). Medical device evaluation specifics: AI, connected devices, uses, SCAC.

An interactive 2-hour webinar for members of the French Commissions for the Protection of Persons (CPP).

... and many more.


An e-learning course on the regulation, evaluation, and development of health technologies for students in various health sectors (Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Masters in Science).

Over 880 students have been trained since 2010.

Les offres TeAch4Health
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