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A network of experts in health technology

TECH4HEALTH is a Network of Experts dedicated to the evaluation of Health Technologies for institutions, academics, other users, or manufacturers.


A true gateway for transferring innovation from basic research into clinical practice, TECH4HEALTH facilitates the development of health technologies, “from proof of concept to clinical evaluation to post-market follow-up”.

It supports national and international multi-center trials using innovative methodologies that integrate French, European, and international regulations.

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A unique center of expertise in France

TECH4HEALTH is based on clinical research centers with a high level of recognition, most of which are located in large university hospitals. It also represents more than 80 multidisciplinary experts involved in translational research around health technologies (clinicians, clinical research stakeholders, academics, and the representatives of patients).


The network therefore maintains close ties with upstream research teams (CNRS, INSERM, CEA, Universities), healthcare organizations, and clinical researchers.

In addition, TECH4HEALTH relies heavily on collaboration across Europe.

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Methods, regulations, and studies

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Design - Development - Technical evaluation

Participatory design

Pre-clinical evaluation methodology

Evaluation methodology by use / usability

Methodology and statistics of the clinical evaluation

Medico-economic evaluation methodology

Regulations related to CE marking

Regulations related to clinical trials

Reimbursement regulations

Management of statistical databases for monitoring MD

Les compétences de nos membres
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