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Partnership development, advice and scientific animation, integrating regulations and innovative methodologies.

Services provided

  • Advice and scientific expertise

  • Studies & project engineering designing: partnerships and calls for proposals, protocols, regulatory and financial aspects, links with promoters (DRCI, Inserm, industrials), technical evaluations.

  • Conducting studies: identification of investigation sites, recruitment and monitoring, assistance in writing reports and scientific articles.

  • Innovative and statistical methodologies

  • Technical platforms: provision of qualified, high-tech equipment / environments

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Clinical evaluation

  • Exploratory study, feasibility/proof of concept/performance/security

  • Pre-clinical study

  • Evaluation of suitability for use and monitoring of uses

  • Clinical investigations: before or after CE marking, in medico-economics, for reimbursement (medical service rendered) or of the SCAC type

  • Epidemiological or “real-life” studies interfaced with health databases

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Working groups

Network contribution to various working groups:

  • Digital Healthcare acceleration strategy

  • Structuring the Digital Health sector

  • Giens workshops: impact points of MDR 2017/745, Patient Information

  • HAS Organizational Impacts (LLSA Forum)

  • Quality and Communication (F-CRIN)

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